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Chapter 1


“Who dares to summon me?”
Ming Xing looked at the tall handsome demon surrounded by a black mist in front of him that just spoke. Ming Xing eyes hold a hint of excitement for the first time in nearly 300 years.
“I want a deal” Ming Xing coarse voice resonated in the empty cave. It felt strange to hear his own voice after so many years.
The demon in front of him raised a fine eyebrow. His red eyes holding a hint of disdain and arrogance wandered down and up on Ming Xing frame finally stopping on his face.
“So much arrogance! You, humans, are so hypocrites. You want a deal you say?” the demon asked smiling, amusement clearly in his voice, but his eyes missing any trace of it. With a flinch of his left hand, the black mist surrounding him disappeared. The black robe laced with red patterns could be clearly seen now.
Without a word, Ming Xing turned around and walked to the right corner of the cave, taking very carefully a white translucent jade box from a stone shaped like a table. All over the cave candles started lighting up, illuminating his path. Just as carefully, placed the translucent jade box in front of the demon. He took a step back and looked up into the demon eyes. He only said two words:
“Find him”
The demon was a little taken aback by the determination and the power he could feel from the human. He could sense the human was already with a foot in the immortal realm. But he wasn’t scared, however, he was three thousand years old demon and the only one of his kind. Calmly and unhurried, the demon folded his hands at the back, without throwing a single glace at the jade box, he gave his answer.
Ming Xing tightened his left hand on the sword handle barely containing his temper at this flat refusal. His eyes flashed with killing intent as he repeated the same words:
“Find him”
“Hahaha” the demon laughed, seeming genuinely amused. ” To make a deal, you need to have something to change with me in the first place? What are you willing to do for me human?” The arrogance was back into his eyes, but also curiosity could be seen.
He wasn’t summoned in more than one thousand years. He wasn’t like any other demon trade. A demon trade was a middle-high tier demon that like his name says he can make a “trade” with the humans. It can be summoned only once and the humans can trade their soul, which is the most sought out trade for this type of demons. Is not the case every time, depends on the wish or difficulty. You can trade from spiritual plants and magic artifacts to humans souls. But a demon trade cannot appear by himself. He can only be summoned by a human and that requires the use of a spell, and those spells were not that easy to do and requires some items too. Requesting a wish from a demon was not as simple as it sounds. Demon trade were tricky creatures, he’ll give you what you want but it might not be what you need. Also, a demon trade can’t stay in the human world for too long, he only has two days limit to the make the trade.
“You call as evil and monsters, but who’re the ones to call on us?”
“Your life” unperturbed Ming Xing gave the answer to his previous question.
“What?” A light flashed thru the demon red eyes. “You made a bad choice, or you are simply unlucky.” The demon made two steps forward but before the third step touched the ground a blinding light spreading from the ground made him withdraw. Stunned he took a closer look around him, at the stones and items strategic placed and the intricate pattern on the floor and all around him on the cave walls. Quickly he looked upon the ceiling. The same array as on the floor. For the first time since he arrived in this world, he looked seriously at the human.
“The ancient Eternal Binding array, I’m impressed. This array disappeared thousands of years ago. But you know? Is still not enough to kill me”

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