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Take My Soul


Yun Qi never wished for riches or power, he only wanted a simple and safe life, where he didn’t need to fight for food or for a place to sleep. But most of all he didn’t want to be alone anymore. He struggled alone in all his 20 years of life and he did whatever he could to survive. But in the end, it was meaningless. After he dies, he makes a deal with a faceless man so he can live again. He needs to jump from world to world to fulfill the last wishes or to get revenge for 16 souls and change their fate. Only after the wishes are completed he can receive a little piece of soul. Each and every 16 souls had a painful life followed by a tragic death.

Here is a little explanation for those who are not familiar with “jumping from world to world and transmigration concept” and a little bit of summary.

There are thousands of worlds. Yun Oi needs to travel to 16 worlds and to take the place of another person, to fulfill his wish or get revenge and change their fate.
Each world is different, perhaps in the future or in the past, or a world where omega exists, or zombies, magic, spiritual cultivation and so on. If I say more I’m gonna spoil it.
Feel free to ask me if you don’t understand something. I will gladly explain.
Thank you


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